After existing alongside Death the Pale Horseman and Gods, God himself creates Heaven then he makes his first celestial being which he names Michael. Following soon after Michael's creation, three other Archangels named Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel came into being, and from then on they represented and served as Michael's younger siblings. Following the creation of the four archangels, a strong and healthy relationship was formed between Michael and Lucifer. After the creation of Heaven, Archangels, Angels and Cupids, God created Earth to which he gave life by creating humans. Soon after the fundamentals of humanity were established, God commanded his all of his Angels to bow before Man. Lucifer questioned this command, then Lucifer retreated to Michael for support but Michael wouldn't listen. Then God told Michael to exile Lucifer, and Michael reluctantly obeyed which forever formed a wedge between them. Lucifer was thrown into a Cage in which 600 Seals where attached to the mouth of the prison. Only 66 of the 600 had to break for him to be released.

Some time after Lucifer's banishment and God's departure, Michael constructed a plan concerning the marriage of John and Mary Winchester. He then told a Cupid angel to orchestrate and intervene on Earth by marking John and Mary so that they will fall in love, which would result in the birth of The Vessels, Dean and Sam.

Sometime later, Michael constructed a plan which involved allowing The 66 Seals to break. Participants included Michael, Zachariah and Raphael. Michael wanted The 66 Seals broken so that Lucifer could be released from the Cage which would give him an opportunity to destroy him using Dean Winchester as his Vessel. It is later revealed that Senior Management of Heaven didn't share this plan with other angels to avoid rebellion; Castiel was oblivious to this plan at first but he later found out Heaven's true intention and told Dean, but he he was soon found and destroyed by Raphael.

The 66 Seals eventually break and Lucifer is released. Soon after Lucifer's rising, Michael instructs Zachariah to get Dean's permission to possess him. Due to Dean's constant and repetitive refusals to angelic-possession, Michael stays in Heaven for a while, but monitors the situation, and he eventually gets to speak with Dean while Dean is experiencing time travel in the year of 1978. Dean eventually assents to Michael and he kills Zachariah using an Angel Killing Sword. However, Dean and Sam escape and Michael claims Adam Milligan's body instead and he meets Lucifer on the chosen field using Adam. Eventually, Sam is able to regain control over his body and temporarily manages Lucifer inside him and throws himself and Lucifer, Adam and Michael into Lucifer's Cage.

In 6.10 Caged Heat, Castiel tells Dean that he believes that following Sam's resurrection from Lucifer's Cage, Michael and Lucifer have been torturing Sam's soul for a whole year. Death eventually travels to Hell and retrieves Sam's soul and returns it to him.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immortality: Michael, like all celestial beings, is not subjected to time, aging, or diseases, and doesn't need to breathe, eat, or sleep to sustain himself. Michaeldoes, however, like all celestial beings because they're all siblings of one another, age and mature, as he is the oldest angel in all of creation.

Angeilc Possession: Michael, like all celestial beings, requires a human vessel in order to physically interact with humans on Earth, as it is a law that applies for all angelic beings.

Invulnerability: Michael, like all archangels, is resistent to any form of harm whatsoever, and can't even be harmed by other beings, unless something angelic is invovled, or if he is fighting another archangel.

Super Strength: Michael, like all angels, dramatically increases the strength threashold of his host.

  • Overpowering: Michael can easily overpower other angels, deities (other than God himself), humans, creatures, and possibly Lucifer, with his might.

Healing Factor: When Michael's vessel does get damaged by something angelic, he can heal the wound(s) instantly.

Teleportaion: Michael, like all celestial beings, can vanish and reappear anywhere in time, space, and any place on the face of the Earth.

Time Manipulation: Michael can easily bend or alter time on Earth, as shown when he teleports the Winchester brothers back to their present day.

Telekinesis: Michael can move people and or objects just by thinking.

  • Pyrokinesis: Michael can ignite any object or thing by physical touch.

Resurrection: Michael, like all archangels, can easily revive dead people.

Memory Manipulation: Michael can remove or restore memories of humans.

Superhuman Intelligence: Much like Lucifer, Michael possesses an immense amount of knowledge of the Universe.